Status: Unsecured (Level 6) Edit

Type: Contagion

The Beard has been the source of death for 9 Agents so far.

The Beard only effects men. (Noted that women do not appear to even notice if someone is infected unless searching for the infected victim)

The Beard causes the victim to be extremely docile, and unresponsive to almost all forms of stimuli, as well as have completely white eyes.

Almost all uninflected men will be attracted to the beard. About 98% of men will request to stroke the beard.

Upon being asked for permission to stroke the beard, the infected victim will slowly and silently nod their head in response.

The subject will proceed to stroke the infected man's beard.

Upon touching the beard, part of the beard will break apart from the original beard and travel up the hand of the subject, up their arm, up their chest, and plant itself into the chin of the (now infected) subject.

The hair will begin to spread, and lengthen. Usually the subject will vigorously try to pull the hair out of his face while screaming for help.

By the time the beard has fully lengthened the subject's eyes will become fully white orbs.

(A notable feature of the infected individuals is that they will have a completely white beard, regardless of what age they are, or what color their hair is.)

The subject will then walk off and find somewhere to sit until they find another victim.

For some unknown reason, after the infected subject has infected 2 individuals, the infected subject will die from cardiac arrest.

To gain access to the Beards, you must be a level 2 female Agent, with level 2 clearance.

The Beards are contained each within their own cell.

There currently are 19 Beards. They are housed in Area Delta 1-A.

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