Status: Secured (level 8)

Type: Magic

The Amulet was first documented in (UNDISCLOSED) but apparently been discovered many centuries before.

Anyone that wears the amulet will gain the knowledge, the personality, and likes and dislikes of all that have worn the Amulet before the subject.

The most prominent personalities of the Amulet is; a powerful Mage from the dark ages that made the Amulet, who goes by the name of Namon. Namon is usually short tempered and wishes to be in charge, no matter the situation.

The 2nd most prominent personality is the Amulet itself. Since the Amulet is fabricated by magic, it's absorbed thousands of personalities, and has developed it's own personality. The Amulet refers to itself as "Amal" It functions as a computer, as it can make calculations in just a moments notice and predict outcome with surprising accuracy.

A notable feature of the Amulet is that only the most intelligent and strong willed personalities can be accessed through the Amulet, also, the personality in control at the moment is the one in control of the body of wearer.

To talk to the wearer, you must be a level 1 Agent.

At all times, the Amulet must be worn by a Level 1-3 personnel and kept in sight of two armed guards.

The Amulet is currently kept at Area Beta, though it's allowed to roam the compound as it wishes.

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