Status: Dangerous (level 2)

Type: Paranormal

The kid is a male child about the age of 5. The child has massive scarring and extreme burns on his face, causing many deformities in the face and upper body, as a result his voice box has been rendered completely inoperable. One of his eyes is also missing and most of the hair follicles have been burned out.

(It is widely theorized the Child was the Result of the AAC.)

The child eats food just as any regular human being would. The child is usually fairly happy, and will play with toys. But usually he wishes to burn the toys, and wheezes gleefully as he watches them burn.

Any Personnel attending to the child must either; 1) be blindfolded. 2) close their eyes tight. 3) use thermal imaging goggles. 4) (ONLY IF NO OTHER OPTIONS REMAIN)  have eyes open and under no circumstances look at the child's face.

Looking at pictures of the child, thermal images and looking at artist's images of the child have no ill effect.

Looking at streamed footage of the child bears bad results. Regardless of what the child is doing at the moment, he will turn towards the camera, lunge at the camera and proceed to tear apart the camera while wheezily sobbing. 

But looking at the child's face in person and looking at reflections of the child both have the same result.

At first the child will begin to cry, and hide his face. If the subject who looked at him tries to comfort him, he will shove them away.

After about 30 minutes of progressively more crying, the child's eye will become black, and he will turn towards wherever the subject is, and start moving towards them.

Anything in his way to the subject will turn into ashes upon touching him.

Once he reaches the subject, he will begin by throwing the subject with tremendous strength through walls. After which, most subjects will have at least one broken limb and a broken spinal cord.

After that, the child will find the nearest form of fire, and slowly roast the subject's arms, upper torso, and face, and clapping while the subject screams in pain.

Once the subject's features compare somewhat to the child's features, the child will walk back to his room, dragging the subject with him, and will play with the subject's charred corpse as though it's another playmate.

No access is granted, unless there is a containment breach, and feeding time by level 0 personnel.

The child is contained in a room similar to a nursery.

The child is contained at Area Gamma 1-A.

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