Status: Secure (level 5)

Type: Inanimate

The Blood stone has been the source of 15 personnel deaths.

The Stone was discovered in a Mayan Temple to the God of death, in (INFORMATION REMOVED) where several more Bloodstones resided until Agent Wilson destroyed the remaining Bloodstones, at the cost of his life.

The Bloodstone currently held by P.O.L.A is purely for research purposes.

The Bloodstone is in the shape of a man's face, but with crystal teeth, that are made out of 98.9% of Quartz and 1.1% of some other unknown material. The main part of the head is composed of pure limestone, it's lips pure Turquoise, and it's eyes of pure rose quartz. (Noted that If a subject tries to break the Bloodstone their blood will begin to thicken, until their blood has a gelatinous consistency and they die of internal bleeding and/or cardiac arrest.)

To have access to the Bloodstone you must be a level 3 agent with clearance, should you become Bloodtainted you will be put down by one of the three snipers positioned in the sniper towers.

The effects the Bloodstone has only work on the Bloodtainted subjects.

If a subject were to handle the Bloodstone, they cannot place their hand inside it's mouth.

When a subject touches one of the Bloodstone's teeth, it will slice their finger. (Noted that it seems to cut even through Kevlar gloves, farther studies on this matter is being conducted.) if the wound draws blood, the subject is now considered Bloodtainted, and must be put down.

If subject is not put down, their pupils will dilate, their blood turn into a purple, blackish hue. Their blood will also thicken, causing it to have the consistency of molasses. (Unknown why the subject doesn't die after this effect takes place. (DATA REMOVED) commanded that no more studies be done on this.) The subjects finger nails and canine teeth will lengthen and harden, they will seem to develop a form of super strength.

The transformation takes about 3 minutes.

If subject tries to amputate the limb from which it was bitten, it will only seem to speed the process to an amazing 45 seconds of transformation.

Once subject has been turned, it will attack other humanoids on sight and drink their blood.  

If the Bloodtainted subject is not put down now, and is allowed to continue to feast on blood, they will gorge themselves on blood until their organs rupture from too much blood consumption.

To access the Bloodstone, you must be a level 3 Agent, with clearance.

The Bloodstone is kept in a large, outside courtyard, with 3 sniper towers that have watch whenever someone enters.

The Bloodstone is currently being kept in (DATA CORRUPTED)

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