Status: Safe (level 8)

Type: Inanimate

The Phone is a grey flip phone from the early 2000's. It was first discovered in the United Kingdom, (UNDISCLOSED).

The phone is completely harmless, and the worst effects it may cause is; Irritability, Aggravation, Shock, Sadness, and/or aggression.

The phone on the surface seems as a regular phone, subject may place a sims card in and purchase minutes as usual.

The only thing that's abnormal about this phone, is that on occasion, a Person that's passed away that was close to the subject will call the phone.

(Noted, when a dead contact calls the subject, it does not use minutes. Also noted, the dead contacts can only call when the subject has cell coverage.) The call usually consists of the subject answering the phone, becomes shocked, and may or may not hang up the phone.

If subject continues, the dead contact will begin to confess many (if they have any) sins they had committed towards the subject.

Usually the subject will either hang up, or say that they forgive them and love them. 

The dead contact will continue talking as though they cannot hear the subject.

The dead contact will begin to tell the subject exactly what they think about them. (only a few of the many cases are listed.)

Told subject that they had always lusted for them, but they could have never been together.

Told subject that they hate that the subject got a dog, because it's been peeing on the dead contact's grave.

Told subject that they had never loved the subject, that they only married for the money.

Told the subject that the subject's life is useless, that they are disappointed in the subject's choices in life, that the subject would be better off dead.

(Noted, after farther investigation, the claims the dead contacts made were verified. What the dead contact says is complete, unaltered truth of exactly how they feel of past and/or present events.)

The calls 87% of the time end on a bad note, and the subject hangs up the phone. (Noted, brain scans of subject show masses of emotional trauma and depression.)

To access the Phone, you must be a level 1 Agent, with clearance.

The phone is kept in a room that looks similar to an interrogation room.

The phone is currently kept in the promotion facility in Berlin. Used to test agents to see if they are mentally stable.

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