Status: (UNKNOWN) Type: Extraterrestrial

Not many studies have been conducted on the arrival of this article of extraterrestrial origins.

It was recovered in (DATA REMOVED) from an Alien crashsite. This was among the first physical proofs that Aliens existed, to P.O.L.A. (As reported by Charles Quinavard II, son of the founder of P.O.L.A.)

P.O.L.A was able obtain one metric ton of this substance. (Noted that this metal is not an alloy, but appears to be an entire new element. Named Meta X by Dr. Ling, P.O.L.A's leading Chemist.)

Meta X can be melted and molded into whatever shape desired. Once Meta X has been melded into the shape needed, it'll retain the shape.

(Noted, Meta X is actually effected by magnetism. Other studies included acid, prolonged exposer to water, and electricity. All with no effects on Meta X.)

However, should a subject touch Meta X, Meta X will liquefy, but still retain it's former shape.

Farther studies being conducted.


An Undisclosed Government Agency has came and claimed most evidence of the Roswell incident, which includes Meta X.

P.O.L.A was allowed to keep a small amount of Meta X for research purposes.

The rest of Meta X was taken by the Agency to the government owned facility, Area 51.

To access, you must be a level 2 Agent, with a Dr. Ling pass.

The remainder of Meta X that is not being actively tested and used, is in a box, inside a locked steel room.

The rest of Meta X in P.O.L.A's possession now resides in bunker 1-01

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