The thing seems to be indescribable by any subjects trying to explain what the thing is. Though if a subject were to see it themselves, they would know what the thing is.

The thing weighs 57.3 pounds, and has other objects hovering around it. The other objects hover above the ground at heights between 6-11 inches off of the ground.

The thing is somewhat slimy, and leaves a trail of slime behind it whenever it's moved around.

It's effects other than not being able to be described, are currently unknown. (Noted, it appears to have a side effects due to in-descriptive properties.   Once a subject tries to explain what the thing is and cannot do so, they begin to show symptoms of: Irritation, Depression, and/or disappointment. In one specific case, the subject became so upset, he threw himself off the top of a 6 story building.)

Amal, the entity of the Amulet, (see File 3 for more info.) tried to explain what it is. Because, Amal, being a non-human entity was unaffected by the thing's anomalous capabilities.

But, though he could explain it perfectly fine in person, he's not allowed to approach P.O.L.A files, so Amal couldn't write a file about the thing.

To have access to the Thing, you must be a level 1 Agent, with clearance.

The thing is housed in a steel room, inside of a glass display on top of a pedestal.

The thing is being kept in Area Beta 1-B.

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